Let’s not make this complicated. People go to see Psychologists because they need to sort something out for themselves. The difficulty can be choosing a psychologist and working with someone in a way which works best for you, at a convenient time for you.

At This Woman’s Work we offer short-term, goal focused, ‘I just really need to sort this out now’ sort of therapy or coaching mainly for women. This type of therapy or coaching is based upon cognitive behavioural therapy models. There is a clear focus of the sessions and you work through how your thoughts and feelings impact your behaviour and how your behaviour impacts your thoughts and feelings. You will develop a picture of why things are the way they are now for you and learn techniques to help you move forward. It’s also worth saying these sessions can be more integrative, using techniques that will best help you.

...and if you think you need something longer term that gives you more space we can direct you to other therapists who share a sense of providing meaningful interventions that focus on giving you what you need.

And if you’re still not sure what help you need – get in touch and we can have an informal chat to see what might work.