I’m an Occupational Psychologist with a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council and the British Psychological Society. Which probably tells you very little! Essentially I am accountable to these organisations to ensure I continue to meet their ethical standards. And gives you some reassurance concerning my professional conduct.

I’ve worked with people with a variety of different mental health issues when working for the NHS in Sussex since 2011 and offer consultancy services to organisations around mental health at work. I’ve trained in all key therapeutic modalities and completed numerous therapeutic sessions where I am always supervised.

I mainly offer therapy to women centred on managing work related issues, issues around work/life balance, family and fertility issues, but it’s easier to probably talk to me first to see if I can help.

I don’t see people for long-term therapy – I want to help people quickly and mainly work on focused issues. I use an integrative approach where I take all the useful bits from different therapeutic techniques I think might help you.

I mainly offer therapy where we focus on understanding how our thoughts and feelings impact behaviour (cognitive behavioural therapy), but with other useful therapeutic techniques drawn on too.